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  • ghost
    09-19 04:32 PM
    agreed, I just mean that publicly we whould not be asking explicitly to increase visa numbers.
    It depends on who our audience is:
    In interviews with newspapers for example, going into specifics like increasing visa numbers puts off the avg American, bec all he reads is increasing immigration.
    But in speaking with a knowledgeable audience, like of course when approaching politicians, this can and should be done.

    Excellent Strategy

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  • GCBy3000
    04-15 07:35 PM
    I agree as long as you have filed your 485 and 180 days is passed. But in my case, I have not even crossed the labor stage. It was pending with BEC when my company asked me to move. I tried a lot to convince my attorney thinking that I might miss the boat of 485 if at all it becomes current, but it did not help.

    THe LPR clearly states that it will become void if any of the below changes.

    1. Job description
    2. Location
    3. Something else, I dont remeber.

    The above will not come into effect, if you had crossed 180 days of 485.

    Also my attorney told that USCIS will not be able to find from where I file from 485, but it is risk on my part when I go for naturalization. Also if for some reaosn a RFE is issued, any company will tell the truth and the beneficiary will be in trouble. So it is always better to file a new labor unless the beneficiary is intened to move back to original location during the adjucation process and stays at that location for 6+ months.

    I dont understand how you got away with this one after changing the location. With your example, the locational requirement of LPR does not make sense at all. Anybody can file LPR anywhere and move anywhere as long as 485 takes more than 180 days. One can deliberately file 485 with improper documentst to delay the approval and getaway. Double check with your attorney on this one and playing safe is not bad idea at all with the current USCIS mess and immigration laws.

    AGAIN, I THINK WHEN YOU FILE YOUR 485 you have to be working in the location as stated in your LPR AS PER THE LAW, eventhough USCIS will not be able to find it. Before PERM, there was a column to state the beneficiary will work anywhere in US. But this not available anymore with PERM. The bottom line is the strongest part of LPR, "THE LOCATION", does not make sense at all.

    By making you file for new labor, your attorney has played it too safe. In your case, filing a new labor was not neccesary. Please read below and check with an immigration lawyer for advice. I AM NOT A LAWYER but this advice is based on 2 different lawyers I have talked to regarding my own case where I moved from Phoenix, to Reno after my labor was filed.

    Here is the deal when changing the location while GC is pending:

    1. You can change location during your pending GC. But your job description must not change. Also, you have to move back to the location where your GC was filed, ONLY IF your 485 is processed and approved in less than 180 days from filing (I dont think USCIS will ever be that efficient and process 485 petitions in less than 180 days). That's because your option of AC21 of changing employers and locations (within the same job description, you cant work at a gas station or McDonalds) kicks in after 180 days of filing 485. If your 485 is approved in less than 180 days, then yes, you have to go back to the original location where your Greencard was filed because you dont have the AC21 options of switching employers and locations during your 485 stage ... which is available ONLY AFTER 180 days have passed in the processing of your 485 file.

    So as long as your 485 takes longer than 180 days, you can continue to work at your new location even though you GC and labor was filed at a previous location.

    2. After 180 days of filing 485, you can change employers using your EAD and change locations. No limit. But it has to be the same job description. You cannot start working as a manager if your Greencard was filed for the position of a programmer.

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  • ilikekilo
    06-11 06:13 PM
    Please refrain from saying such a thing for President.
    He might have made mistakes but he has been a tough one for terrorists.Since Sep11,2001,he has kept the ppl safe.
    6 years is a big time.
    If he is trying something beneficial for Immigrants,lets support him and ask him to support our cause.
    I think we should send faxes/emails to him to show our support and I am sure he will get our amendment passed.

    Lets give this a try.I am sure he will make no more mistakes as these are some last things which can give a lot of credibility back to his Presidentship.

    alright MR junior bush

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  • eb3_nepa
    08-25 12:01 PM
    Best thing to do in this case is, simply use your AP. No H1b stamping is needed. You can still remain on an H1B even if you use the AP for travelling.

    As per my lawyer, the H1B has 2 aspects to it. One is the fact that it maintains status, the second is the actual stamped visa which allows entry/re-entry into the USA. You dont HAVE to have the stamped visa, if you have alternate means of re-entry.


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  • bbenhill
    01-09 04:06 PM
    applies to generan legal immigrant population.

    How about instead of survey we put it as a sticky note to announce if someone have information that in his/her place is hiring. With that way we can help all people who got laid off and this site can be a networking website.

    Please give me green if you like my idea :D

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  • satishku_2000
    02-21 11:02 AM

    I thought I am the only poor soul looking for whole month to see the processing dates, Finally they have published today.

    I have seen that I-140 EB3 moved siginificantly But still away from the my receipt date.

    Hopefully you have a good news :)


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  • nsveta
    04-22 01:16 PM
    Hi, This is my first post here and I need some guidance regarding new-H1 under FY2010 quota.

    --One of my friend told me about this company in Chicago who is doing H-1s and apparently the quota is not over yet. I am in India and

    --Is it advisable to get my H01 filed at this time?
    --What if the USCIS asks client letters? They said, the company will take care of it if that happens -- is that even legal to say that?
    --What is the probably the CAP will be met by that time they file my H-1 in the next 2 weeks? And am not sure if the attorney returns the money in that case.

    Please suggest. Thanks

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  • h1bemployee
    02-25 06:25 PM
    You need to provide more details on bold words from your post. If you really need pointers from IV members.

    when my employer replied to the RFE, they came with more questions and doubts...and USCIS asked submit their tax documents

    what I understood employer don't want to appeal against it ..because USCIS may come back with more doubts abt the consultancy itself...


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  • cbpds
    10-14 06:52 PM
    Not sure how its good news, it is good for USCIS as they will get money for pre-registration while we do not get the EAD till the priority date becomes current.

    It will not compel them to make dates current when they need money by allowing folks to file 485

    Sakthisagar & RSM144 many thanks for posting, the spring document has a target date of Oct 2010, I believe there is a chance of this happening sometime with the fee increase, they will have a fee for this. Hope this rule comes into play it is good news for us.

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  • logiclife
    04-13 11:23 AM
    We have to first have confidence on our own strengths. We are a 10.5K strong group and well poised to become the largest grassroots advocacy organization of high skilled immigrants.

    Key lawmaker offices now know us. We have appeared in top media. We have the best Lobbyists in the country working for us.

    No other organization can claim such success in 1 year since inception. All we need is support of $20/month from members in order to continue this effort and grow it.

    There are people in Washington DC who influence congress as their profession. They are called "Lobbyists". Like the ones we have hired, with Patton-Boggs.

    And then there is an organization like Immigration Voice that is raising funds to pay for lobbying.

    What value can an Indian American organization add that Immigration Voice and professional lobbying cannot add?

    Indian American Organizations have been educated many many times about this problem by Immigration Voice. We have told them that if you represent the 2.3 million Indian American Community, then you should be working on this issue, because this issue affects 1 out of every 5 Indian Americans of that 2.3 million.

    Well, they have shown very lukewarm response.

    And frankly, they have other agendas and we shouldnt honestly expect them to do our bidding.

    We call ourselves highly skilled, implying that we are reasonably wellpaid. Also, we are 500,000 strong. And we have an organization to raise money and pay for lobbying. So why CANT WE HELP OURSELVES?


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  • bbenhill
    01-12 01:03 PM
    Its' very depressing state, I really feel bad about current state of affairs of economy...

    Its' very depressing , So lets close this thread :(

    But gcformeornot Don't give me read for that , Nothing against you , I am giving you green

    Skd, it was nice of you .. I gave you green :)

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  • bluez25
    07-26 02:45 PM
    Guys ... please help. I am trying to get PCC from my local police station and they are giving me hell time here... and I am running out of time. The local police station guys are saying that they will only give a letter in white paper (No letter head) and they are insisting that it will not be used. What shall I do and I have to submit my documents by tuesday by latest.....

    Questions for friends around

    1.. is the letter given by the local police station with out the letter head will e accepted in the Consulate?
    2.. If not can we get a PCC from the commisioner office?

    Please give me some directions.


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  • garyzero
    06-06 03:26 PM
    Never heard of this contest?? Looks like a few good one's there.

    I love the Monkey from Family Guy!!!

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  • fromnaija
    08-04 12:43 PM
    How did your wife obain the second AP while outside the country? If you applied and got the second document whilst she was outside the country then logically it is invalid.


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  • Rakson
    02-28 11:12 AM
    Can anybody please help in answering below questions on my case? I really appreciate your help. This is urgent for me.

    #1: I am working for Company A (current company). My GC processing details (with current company):
    1. Labor Approved.
    2. I-140 Approved with priority date of Aug 2006 (Category -EB2)
    3. I-485 - NOT filed
    #2: I am on 6th year of H1-B. My current H1-B is valid till Jan 29, 2011 (less than 365 days from today).

    I want to change job and join Company B (new company) for excellent offer and life long stability.

    As per my understanding, for continuous H1-B extension & GC approval on existing priority date, I must stay with existing company(A). But attorney of new company(B) is saying he will be able to handle my H1-B extension and may be able to save my priority date also by filing new PERM & I-140. I am not sure whether attorney of new company(B) is correct or not. Can anybody please help in answering below questions?

    Ques : If new company(B) transfers H1-B and USCIS will grant H1-B for 3 years based on approved I-140 with current company(A):
    A. Can USCIS revokes extended period ( after Jan 29, 2011) if current company(A) revokes their approved I-140 before new company(B) gets approval of new PERM and I-140?
    B. Can new company (B) start new PERM application during my extension period (after Jan 29, 2011)?
    C. Can new company (B) transfer Priority date even if existing company(A) revokes their I-140?

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  • GCPagla
    03-15 02:07 PM

    I would like to get you expert's opinion, before I pull the final string. My GC had been filed in EB2 with PD on Feb 26 2007. My 140 has been approved on April 2008. My 485 was filed during 2007 fiasco. I work for one of the big 3car company in Detroit as a consultant and situation is changing fast here, compelling me to search shelter somewhere else.

    Luckily I got an offer from a new employer which is enticing me two pull the trick of Ac21. But before I do so, I would like to get your kind advise on the following points.

    a) My Job title is programmer Analyst with my current employer but in the offer letter of the future employer is is given as "Sr. java developer". Does this title change matters? The new employer has agreed to give me the Ac21 letter with same job duty description.

    b) The salary increase in the job is almost 50%. Do you think this causes any red flag.

    c) The company size of the new employer is much small than the current employer. Is this OK.

    I am really depending on you people's expertise. Any help will really make me confident about this change.



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  • AgentM
    01-25 10:15 PM
    If anybody has used a lawyer for AC21, please post the lawyer details and their cost.

    Thank you.

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  • needhelp!
    02-14 02:34 PM

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  • v7461558
    08-11 06:25 PM item 22.

    22. The Administration Will Reform And Expedite Background Checks For Immigration. Current mechanisms for conducting immigration background checks are backed up, slowing processing times and endangering national security. The Administration is investing substantial new funds to address the backlog, and the FBI and USCIS are working together on a variety of projects designed to streamline existing processes so as to reduce waiting times without sacrificing security.

    Note that there is no "bill", the DHS is not talking about passing new laws through the Congress. They are talking about using their (and FBI's) existing administrative authority to streamline and expedite background checks. Note that the rule to search the secondary name indexes that was instituted after Sept. 11, 2001 was not a law. It was an interpretation by the DHS of the existing statute, yielding a request from the DHS to the FBI to provide the DHS with the information from the secondary index name search.

    Now, if someone would please be so kind as to dig up the original text of the "following reforms [that] represent steps the Administration can take within the boundaries of existing law", released by the DHS on 10 August 2007, or to come up with a conclusion that said text has not yet been made publicly available, we can take this discussion further.

    11-15 09:46 AM
    Few days back I was talking to two members from a district in texas where these two were the only members (state chapter members. I am sure there are a hundred others who live there, but have not joined our chapter) These two have taken the initiative to go and meet their local congressman, even though it means a two hour drive for one of them (Texas districts are big)

    It is very heartening to see this happening, and if everyone just goes and meets their own representative, and makes him aware of our issues, we will be moving in the right direction.

    Please join your state chapter, talk to others (WE ARE ALL SIMPLE PEOPLE, JUST LIKE YOU) who are doing it and be inspired to do the same.

    01-30 11:08 PM
    United Nations, Pls help Immigration Voice.
    we know your capability.

    BTW, sorry for some members rude behaviour towards you.
    Probably they may not know about your role in and they may not even know how you helped lot of guys with I140 ability to pay issues.

    Hi Guys, pls encourage good people like United Nations to help us.
    He will be good asset for us to utilize his time and service.
    He has an amazing knowledge in immigration matters.

    Need not to say, knowledge is power, in present era.

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